May 28, 2019

Art Exhibition "UA: Identity Reloaded" at the Vienna International Centre (VIC)

From 27 May to 7 June 2019, the Vienna International Centre (VIC), commonly known in Austria as "UNO City" where around 5,000 employees from more than 125 countries work at the United Nations organizations based in Vienna, hosts an extraordinary art exhibition "UA: Identity Reloaded".

The exhibition is part of the UStream Festival, a voluntary initiative that has been successfully introducing and promoting Ukrainian culture in Austria since 2015. It is also a contribution to the celebration of the bilateral year of Ukrainian and Austrian cultures throughout 2019.

"UA: Identity Reloaded" is devoted to introducing the new Ukrainian identity to the Austrian culture. “The exhibition attempts to rethink and rediscover our Ukrainian history and identity, while using very traditional signs, prints and symbols." - says the founder of the Festival, Oleksandra Saienko.

Bella Logachova, an artist from Donetsk who is currently residing in Kharkiv, conceptualized the exhibition and led its preparations. The artist became famous in 2014, when she created an art series called "New Ukrainian Ornament", using silicone prints on canvas, which resemble Ukrainian embroidery. With this technique, Bella depicts contemporary events of the Ukrainian history.

Bella chose five Ukrainian artists who show the reloaded – that means modern and progressive - identity of Ukraine, using various innovative techniques. In several works the cultural link between Austria and Ukraine is reflected.

Along the "New Ukrainian Ornament" series and photographs by Bella Logachova, visitors can explore photographs by Igor Manko, a representative of the Kharkiv School of Photography, watercolors of the successful graphic designer and illustrator Marichka Ruban as well as works of one of the talented students of the Kharkiv State Design and Arts Academy Valeria Lavrinenkova. In addition, a muralist artist Roman Minin from Donetsk created a carpet especially for the exhibition, in which he is developing and depicting a theme of miners. Alexander Prisyazhnenko produced a video named "U-Kaleidoskope" demotrated on the large screen as part of the exhibition.

The organization of the exhibition at the VIC is supported by the VIC Ukrainian Club - the association of Ukrainians working at the United Nations and other international organizations based in Vienna. “We strongly believe that such initiatives contribute to popularization of Ukraine at large and allow rediscovering its multifaceted culture and promoting talented artists.”- says Solomiya Omelyan, President of the VIC Ukrainian Club.