October 30, 2018

Christmas Magic for the Orphan Kids in Ukraine

In anticipation of the upcoming Christmas and New Year season, we all think about people in need, especially those requiring our help and support, who are the most fragile and disadvantaged.

That is why the VIC Ukrainian Club in cooperation with the Permanent Mission of Ukraine to the International Organizations in Vienna have decided to bring a little bit of magic to the orphan kids in Ukraine. 

For this purpose, charity sales at the VIC cafeteria will be organized from 12 to 16 November 2018 during the Ukrainian Week at the UNO City.

Exclusive souvenirs from Ukraine, including embroidered blouses, dresses, jewelry, silk scarfs, Christmas decorations, wooden products, toys, paintings, books, etc. will be offered to the visitors.

This project has become possible thanks to our supporters and volunteers from the Gallery Veles, Art + Décor, Silver Story, Aba-ba-ha- la-ma-ha, UkrGifts and others.

Funds collected during our charity sales will be donated to the orphanage for preschool children in Lviv, Western Ukraine. With this project, our team hopes to create unforgettable Christmas magic for 49 little girls and boys, who are deprived of the warm family atmosphere and rarely receive colorful gifts and tasty food. They will get real Christmas gifts and other important items necessary for their daily routine.

Please come, join us and enjoy fantastic souvenirs from Ukraine! Your support will help making a big difference for a small children’s community in the orphanage.

Let’s create Christmas magic for them together!